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Its been too long…

Hello readers!

You ever have one of those days, weeks, or months where you are just busy busy busy? July and August seemed to be those months for me. I recently started my second job, which I love! I am a personal assistant for someone. We meet every morning Monday through Friday, I bring him coffee and a cookie from a local coffee-house…. and of course get one for me as well =) . I do anything from driving him somewhere to making a spreadsheet of his finances. It’s mostly a at home kind of job, which I love.

Another busy part of the month was my fiance’s children came to stay five days with us. That was the longest we’ve had them for straight days and overnight as well and all I can say is wow and how much appreciation I have for mothers out there. Wake up at 6am, make breakfast for all four of them, play with two of them, keep things away from one of them, take one shopping, make lunch for all of them, play with all of them, make dinner for all, watch a movie with everyone, put all four to bed, and then…. pass out! Then, start all over again. I was EXHAUSTED only after 5 days of that, I can’t imagine how it is for 18 years. But I learned so many things but the one major thing was appreciation for my mom and dad, and for all parents out there. You truly are amazing.

My fiance and I did take little trips through out the months as well. One was to a hotel near Chicago. He did it as a surprise since he was going back to nights as an officer and to say thanks for everything. Let me say this: EVERYONE MUST STAY AT THIS HOTEL AT LEAST ONCE IN THEIR LIVES. There’s no words to express this place. Its like your own little house, except no windows. You have to go through a gate to get to these little houses that are your rooms. Here are some pictures:

Yes, your very own pool in your room!! Also a sauna, hot tub, massage chair, and a water fountain! If you would like to check it out go to http://www.sybaris.com. We only stayed one night due to the expensive price, but, oh, would I have loved to stay more. =)

On a book note, I am planning to have an author chat with Jay Asher author of “Thirteen Reason’s Why”. Hopefully I can schedule that soon and post it up here.

Happy Readings!


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