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Huli Huli Chicken

So I was blogging yesterday and came to my favorite blog, “BookJourney”. I was scrolling down her blog and came across a yummy picture and recipe she got out of a book. The dish was called “Huli Huli Chicken”, and boy did it make my mouth water and my stomach growl. You can find the recipe in the book “Seven Year Switch” by Claire Cook. I have recently added that book to my wish list. =) So tonight I decided to go out and get the some of the ingredients I didn’t have and make it for my love and me. While cooking, the smell of pineapple and chicken fills your kitchen and there’s not much you can do besides crave crave crave! Needless to say, it turned out great! Next time I am going to cook it on the grill outside to see if that’s the best.

One fresh pineapple (cut up into bites)

Chicken breasts (cut up into bites). I used two chicken breasts which was plenty for (2) people.

One can of frozen pineapple juice concentrate

Two cans chicken broth

Soy Sauce


Powder ginger

Worcestershire Sauce

Mix all those into a large bowl and let sit for some flavor

On a book note: I have been so busy lately and finally just finished “Thirteen Reasons Why”. What a page turner! Every page leaves you hanging and wanting more. If I had the time to sit down this past week, I would have finished it in one sitting. I will post my review tomorrow =)

You just have to love amazon, especially 2-day shipping! i just received two books off my wish list.

Since this month is starting to come to an end, I decided to read “the book-of-the-month” now. Can’t miss that discussion, right? =)

Also, I did post a book for giveaway! Check it out!!

Happy Reading!


3 Responses

  1. Your chicken looks yummy! I cant wait to read your thoughts on Thirteen Reasons Why – I loved that one and Twenty Boy Summer too 🙂

  2. Checking in on you and hoping all is well – havent seen you in a while. 😀

    • Sheila! Its been way too long. Its been one of those couple of months =)
      But now it’s finally settling down and you will be seeing me more often. Thank you for checking in =)

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