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Have to admit…

I have been blogging and updating my profile more than reading. My hubby though, has been reading a book I got him for this 31st birthday. Keep in mind he is an outdoors guy… loves to trap (setting traps for raccoons and such to skin them for fur). I love animals, but he doesnt just kill animals to kill them. He hunts for a reason. Anyways… the book I got him is called “Adventures of a Trapper”, its a short novel. While he was reading he began to tell me of mispelled words, and wow, there were alot! I couldn’t believe the publishing company published this book like that. He does like the book though despite its flaws. =)

I am hoping to finish my book tonight. I have a lot of books I bought coming my way and some already here eyeing me to read. My first book giveaway will be soon. To be in the giveaway, you just have to subscribe and comment when I post the giveaway. =)

Happy Readings!

5 Responses

  1. Its really annoying to find words that are spelled wrong in a book I’m reading. I’m not the best speller ever, but that is some thing that should be fixed before publishing. Some one was sleeping on the job I guess.
    Oh yeah, and for your other post, I just stared reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. I haven’t read it since junior high, so I thought I would try it now that I’m not being forced to read it.

    • The Giver! Great book, a true classic!
      I think I read (atleast some of it) in highschool but then reread it sometime during college. I still have my copy of it somewhere =)
      How do you like it so far?

  2. I just finished it last night. It really was a good book.
    It was very short though. I think it was around 200 pages which is very short compared to what I normally read. But I did really enjoy it.

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