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Hometown Bookstore::: Really!?

I have to admit… I get almost allll of my books from amazon.com or barns&noble.com. Well today I thought maybe it was time to actually go into my hometown bookstore for the atmostphere and to touch a book before I bought it. So I went up to our town square where our only bookstore was located (small town!)… as I stepped inside old men looked at me like I was Hitler. As I walked towards the first rack it said “Bestsellers”… There were 5 books on the shelf, none of which I was interested in reading. I traveled my way back further into the shop until I came across a book shelf that read “Fiction”, I felt an “ahhhh” =) As I scanned the very naked shelf, still nothing! I always wrote some books down off my wishlist to see if they’d have em. Well to my not surprised behold, they did not have any of them. And people, these are bestseller books I was requesting! So disappointed and angry with our bookstore I went out to K-Mart to glance at their selection. And behold, K-mart had a better selection of books than a BOOKSTORE… a BOOKSTORE that only sells BOOKS. I couldn’t believe it. I found two books off my list there! Well in the end, I am considering opening up my own bookstore at home… Im sure I would get more business due to my bigger collection 😉

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